All Ready For the Mulling Pokers

Swedish Glogg - Photo by Mr. ChoppersPicture Credit: Mr. Choppers

It’s the time of year when hands and bellies want something warm at eventide, and few things fit the bill better than mulled beverages.

Now, you might expect us to wax poetic as to why mead is the best beverage to mull, but you’re wrong. The staff of Groennfell will mull just about anything that has alcohol in it: wine, beer, cider, mead, you name it.

Although we have gotten about a dozen requests for instructions on how to mull mead, we’re going to do one better and give you our general rules for mulling anything.

A Mulled Beverage – as we define it – is any non-dairy beverage[1] which has been warmed up and spiced (it needn’t have alcohol, but it probably should).

The Rules of the Road

  • You probably want to aim for 13-18% alcohol content; this may mean adding liquor
  • Carbonated beverages lose their CO2 as they’re heated; account for this with more liquor
  • Sure, you can buy pre-mixed mulling spices, but why would you? Mix your own!
  • If you use smaller spices like cloves or cardamom, put them in a spice bag
  • Brandy, rum, and vodka tend to be better liquors for mulled beverages than whiskey or gin
  • Feel free to drink whiskey while waiting for your mulling to finish
  • Try putting in fruit for a fun (or startling) surprise at the bottom of your mug
  • Low and slow is the name of the game, try to keep it right around 185F for at least three hours
  • We don’t add any sugar to ours, but you may… it’s your drink

There you have it. What’s our favorite mead to mull? Surprise! It’s not one of ours!

Our favorite meads to mull are Apple Cyser from Maine Mead Works and Vanilla Beans and Cinnamon from Redstone Meadery.  Get mulling!

[1] For an excellent warm, spiced dairy drink,  we suggest a Cup of Hot Jones.  Ask Ricky for his recipe some time…

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