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Baby Shower Deals

Posted by Groennfell Meadery on

The Viking Baby Shower is this weekend, April 22nd, at the Mead Hall!

Obviously, this no normal baby… this a Meadmaker Baby. So, that means that this will be no normal baby shower! Unlike a normal shower where you buy stuff for us, we’re going to throw a big party where you buy stuff from us!

Since we’re trying to make room to turn one of the offices into a nursery, we’re going to clear out as much as possible. We thought the best way to do this would be with crazy deals. Here’s what we’ve got in store…

  • Ascending discounts on all mead: 1 Case is 10% off, 2 cases are 20% off, 3 cases are 30% off, and 4+ cases are 40% off. Does that include honey wines??? It sure does!
  • All Fenberry and First Batch Mannaz are 50% off by the case, no limit!
  • We’re doing party packs of steins, samplers, and snifters with deals up to half-off!
  • We’re releasing our very first collectible poster so that you can buy a piece of history!

We’ll also have live music, amazing food, and much, much more!


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