Calling Vermont Food Makers!

Great spread at Colchester's Mead Hall

Now that Colchester’s Mead Hall is really picking up steam, we are expanding our menu to include more locally sourced and produced products!

We already have non-alcoholic options from Rookie’s Root Beer, amazing Fenberry bratwurst from Bessery’s Butcher Shop, specially selected Scandinavian cheeses from Cheese and Wine Traders, and, starting this week, vegetables from Lewis Creek Farm and Mustard from Green Mountain Mustard! We’re even such nuts that we make our own pickled herring in-house!

Nevertheless, we’re still on the lookout for new and exciting things which fit with our Scandinavian menu.

Are you a hog farmer? Do you make sauerkraut? Could you supply us mutton for special events? Are you a baker who wants to make rugbrød for us? Have you been raising curmudgeonly reindeer and don’t know what to do when they get too ornery?

​ Well, we want to hear from you!

Use our contact form or feel free to swing by with samples! We can’t wait to continue growing our community of local producers!

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