Cheat Sheet for Father's Day Jokes

Happy Birthday, Jess, and Happy Father's Day, everyone!

Check out this special video from Ricky the Meadmaker. If you need hints, the list of answers is below the video.
  1. A classic
  2. What color is a penguin under its skin?
  3. Lion wins.
  4. I know that most Siberian tigers aren’t white, but this one is. And it wins.
  5. Interracial cast and – due to its anti-war sentiment – considered a communist plot by many contemporary critics.
  6. You can figure this one out.
  7. He was SO embarrassed, I’m sure of it!
  8. It was a raspberry pie.
  9. This is what happens when you rush! Monochrome! I meant Monochrome aposematic predators!
  10. I think I got this one right. I’m not much of a herpetologist.
  11. Just nope.
  12. Another twist on an old classic.
  13. They work at fire stations! Also, they were bred as war dogs, but that’s not the joke I’m making.
  14. The way reptiles use their tongues to smell is WILD.
  15. Honey badger don’t care.
  16. In Sweden or the US, of course. In Denmark it would be black and white and yellow all over.
  17. While belching is acceptable in many cultures at mealtime, I’m pretty certain farting is not.
  18. You’ll have to Google it if you don’t know.
  19. Pretty obvious.
  20. My favorite of the classics!
  21. Because it’s completely polarized and super simplistic but freakin’ everyone reads it anyway!

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