Colchester’s Mead Hall

Colchester's Mead Hall

For those of you who missed it, Ricky the Meadmaker’s big announcement at Midwinter Fest was all about Colchester’s Mead Hall!

Colchester’s Mead Hall is a brand new collaboration between Groennfell Meadery and Havoc Mead which will be opening at our current location in January 2016.

We’re going to start serving Nordic Fare for both lunch and dinner, we’re extending our hours, we’ll have special Mead-Hall-only beverages, and we’re going to have lots of new space for live music, comedy shows, and many more events.

We’ll be posting updates here from time to time, but you really need to go like Colchester’s Mead Hall on Facebook, follow on Twitter, and check out the new website:

We’re also going to have lots of ways that you can support the new Mead Hall – from special events to exclusive clubs! So, stay tuned, dear Meadiacs, exciting things are brewing.

In case you want to learn about this all more dramatically from Ricky the Meadmaker, you can catch last week’s thrilling Ask the Meadmaker.

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