Don’t Fall in the Mead Hall

We are all Viking Nerds around this place. But, it turns out, we pale in comparison to the true Viking Nerds.

Did you know that some people devoted their time, money, and energy to creating an extraordinary game called: Don’t Fall in the Mead Hall?

Don’t feel bad! We didn’t either until our friends over at Ale Horn put us on to it! They absolutely love the game, so we thought we order in a few to play here at the Mead Hall.

Ours will be arriving soon, but if you absolutely can’t wait, head over to their site and order your own!

In their words, “In Don’t Fall in the Mead Hall, players emulate a host of Vikings drinking the night away in a mead hall. Although drinking while playing is encouraged, this is more of a party game with a fair share of strategy than it is a straight-up drinking game.”

We are SO freakin’ excited!

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