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Hanukkah, Viking Style

Posted by Groennfell Meadery on

The Arch of Titus by בית השלום

This Friday, December 23rd, is the last of week of Gifts of the Meadmaker, and we are going out big.

For one night only, Ricky the Meadmaker is pulling out all of the stops to make his family’s multi-course, extravagant Hanukkah dinner, but there’s a twist: He’s using only Viking-era ingredients and techniques.

How is he doing that? Well, he has three days to figure it out. It’s the time of the year for miracles, right?

Here’s what’s on the menu:
Roast Beef Braised with Spiced Wine
Old-World Latkes
Pink Pickled Herring
​Found Greens
Purple Cabbage with Pillaged Spices
Wine-Soaked Nuts and Raisins (alcoholic)

Space is limited, so please call 802-497-2345 to make a reservation.
​More information is available on our Facebook Event.


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