Interns Are The Best

For grown-ups and small children, it is the end of the year. A time to both look back and ponder the year to come. But for college students, this is a much more important epoch: The End of the Semester.

It is with this biannual turning of the academic calendar that we at Groennfell Meadery get to stop, reflect, and thank the hard working scholars who have been a part of our lives for the past several months.

Matt the Intern - Groennfell Meadery

Matt was our business-side intern this semester and the first intern we’ve had in that department.

He was probably a big help with book-keeping or something, but really, what matters in the long-run, is that he was really, really good at corn-hole.

​He has set a standard of excellence for this most noble of sports for years to come. He also likes carrying heavy things. He will be missed.

Emily the Intern - Groennfell Meadery

Emily was our brewing intern, and she was also probably super helpful in this capacity. She certainly seems to know a heck of a lot about brewing and to be very good at it.

The greatest gift Emily brought to the meadery was her neurotic obsession with cleaning. She was the first person to develop sanitization systems which allow us to brew with non-yeast strains.

Like, seriously, she came in on an off day to clean the outside of our tanks because she thought they weren’t shiny enough.
​This kid’s a blessing.

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