Mead Brined Turkeys

Mannaz Mead brined turkey courtesy of Nicole MaddoxAn Honest-to-Goodness Mannaz Brined Turkey

Did you know that we sell mead by the bucket? You didn’t know that? Well, we do!

Follow up question: Do you know why we sell mead by the bucket?

Answer: For Brining Turkeys! (Or for cooking anything, really.)

Basically, here’s the deal. If you want a bunch of mead for the purposes of cooking, you can call ahead and tell us how much and what kind you want, up to 5 gallons. We will tell you the price and when to pick it up.

For those of you who were thinking that this is way better than buying it by the bottle, there’s a catch…

When you buy mead by the bucket, all (or nearly all) of the CO2 is removed, and you have to give us your word that it’s for cooking and not for drinking.

So, now you know! Next week we’ll be posting photos of all of the foods made with Groennfell Mead; make sure to send us your pics before Monday!

Contact us now to request your bucket o’ mead. Check out our Cooking with Mead recipes for more inspiration!

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