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Vermont Craft Mead

So, it turns out that Meadiacs are a very welcoming bunch. Erik tells us that Havoc Mead has been getting a lot of positive feedback, and we’ve been receiving tons of questions.[1] 

Not that we don’t like “Tweeting Back” and “E-mailing” you guys, but we found a much simpler way to tell you about all of the things happening here at the end of Hercules Drive. In addition to our website and Havoc’s, we’re going to be maintaining a calendar at

Right now there are only two meaderies here, but who knows? Our family could keep growing and growing![2] 

More than anything else, though, this will make talking about all of these meaderies easier. Here is an example sentence: “Gosh, I love everything that the Vermont Craft Mead Family makes, especially Valkyrie’s Choice.” 

And here’s an example in conversation: 
Person 1: “Man, Erik from Havoc has the best beard of anyone in the VT Craft Mead Family.”
Person 2: “No way, it’s definitely that palm tree in the growing wall.”
Person 1: “Yeah, good point.”

Hmmmm… well, that was an example of a conversation crazy people might have.

Anywho, you get the idea! 

So, get ready for a lot of VT Craft Mead collaborations and events! We couldn’t be happier to welcome our new family members.

[1] We’ve literally been getting tons of questions, in fact, since Ricky will only read things engraved on iridium… it has to do with corrosion resistance. It’s complicated
[2] Spoiler Alert: We’re already in talks with another start-up! Stay tuned!

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