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New and Improved!

Posted by Groennfell Meadery on

Groennfell website redesignWoah… it’s so recursive.

Howdy, fellow Meadiacs!

We’ve been doing a little house-keeping and decided that it was time for a complete website redesign.  Apparently these things get stale after a while.

If you haven’t been to our website in a while, you should check it out. “Why?” I hear you ask.


  • It has a new easier to navigate lay-out
  • A beta-version mead locator is coming very soon (spoiler alert: all locations are in Vermont)
  • We have new sections where you can catch up on old videos, articles, and Fun Facts without having to scroll through updates
  • We added an integrated search for old articles and research
  • You might run across a photo of yourself, and that’s always neat, right?

So come visit us at!


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