Podcasts Aplenty!

Are you traveling for the holidays?
Do you have guests you need to drown out?
Do you like to listen to multiple people you don’t know talking about mead?

If you answered yes to any of these questions, then have we got great news for you!

We have not one, but two podcasts for your listening pleasure this week!

Two Brews - www.twobrewspodcast.com

The first is an interview by TwoBrews NorthEast with Ricky the Meadmaker, Erik from Havoc, and Kelly the Boss. It was recorded a few months back, but came out pretty recently.

You can check it out by clicking here or clicking the logo!

Mead Makr - All Things Mead - MeadMakr.com

The second interview is from the boys at Meadmakr.com. You can listen to that by clicking here or clicking their logo! 

​Ricky says that it’s one of his favorite interviews he’s ever done, so you should definitely check it out. Enjoy!

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