Press Release: Mannaz Mead Now Available!


Groennfell Mead: A New Craft Brew in Burlington Area

November 18, 2013

Colchester, VT – A new mead brewery has opened its doors in Colchester, Vermont. Groennfell Meadery brews dry meads made from pure single-source honey. Groennfell’s first release, Mannaz Mead, is crisp and refreshing, coming in at 4.9% abv, and is now available for purchase. The meadery’s second release, a cranberry mead called Fenberry Draught, will be available by December.

Groennfell Meadery’s beverages are packaged in 12 oz. bottles. At the meadery, 4-packs of Mannaz Mead are now available for $10 each. The meadery hopes to have bottles available at other locations throughout the area soon and will announce these locations on the company website:

For those not familiar with the beverage, mead is the name for any beverage fermented primarily from honey. “Other ingredients can be used as well,” Head Meadmaker Ricky Klein says. “For example, our Fenberry Draught is brewed from honey and cranberries, but most of the sugars for fermentation come from honey, and that’s what makes it mead.”

The two owners of the meadery, Ricky and Kelly Klein, are Middlebury College alumni who chose to open their business in Vermont because of the state’s “incredible support of breweries and small businesses in general,” CEO Kelly Klein says.

For more information about Groennfell Meadery and its products, please visit or search for Groennfell on Facebook, Twitter, or Google+.

Kelly Klein, CEO

Groennfell Meadery
856 Hercules Dr, Suite 20
Colchester, VT 05446


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