The Feast

The Inaugural Feast - Groennfell Meadery

Ricky the Meadmaker has been hinting for weeks about a Top Secret project. He has been dropping clues, sharing photos, and actually went on to his own Facebook page to make announcements about it.

To say that The Feast was a culmination of months of tireless work would be an understatement. The Feast represents years of planning, and it’s only just starting.

The Feast is one small part of a new era at Groennfell Meadery which will include new products, new events, a tasting room redesign and – if Ricky has his way – pickled herring.

Ricky the Meadmaker gives a speech - LipstickNLagerPhoto by LipstickNLager

Starting with The Inaugural Feast, Ricky has a special treat planned for Vermont’s Meadiacs every week between now and the New Year. Before we get into what some of those surprises might be, let’s talk a little about The Feast.

The Feast is an ongoing, invitation-only event thrown by Ricky the Meadmaker with the blessing of Groennfell Meadery. Each one will have a different theme and location.

The Inaugural Feast brought together beer writers, craft beverage nuts, and drinking nerds from around Vermont and across the country. We went through forty-five pounds of pork shoulder and an incredible quantity of mead. There were no vegetables.

The invitation to The Feast - by founddramaYup. That’s a Wax Seal.

For the occasion, Ricky built a 40-foot-long ash wood and fir table with seating for up to sixty people. He even served the last known keg of the first batch of Valkyrie’s Choice.

Oh yeah, and every guest received a linen invitation with the official Groennfell Seal.

Is all of this a little over-the-top? It sure is. But our Meadiacs deserve nothing but the best.

That’s really the idea behind The Feast. There are plenty of drinks made for the end of a hard day’s work, a swanky dinner, or Christmas Morning. Mead can be perfect for all of these things.

Yet Groennfell Mead can be even more: It is the drink of nights that are larger than life.

 We are incredibly thankful to all of our guests who made the night a success, some of whom traveled as far as 700 miles to be there.

And, of course, Ricky could not have done this alone. Every single member of the Vermont Craft Mead family had a part to play in making The Feast a reality.

Then again, the actual event may have been more fantasy than reality, and that’s how Ricky likes it. 

So, prepare yourselves, dear Meadiacs, it’s time to learn how to Feast again.

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