This Is a Game Changer

This is a Game Changer - Beautifully popping YOLO! Popcorn at Groennfell Meadery

“This is a game changer.”

No joke, those were the first words out of Erik’s mouth when we popped YOLO! Popcorn for the first time at the Meadery. Before we tell you why this popcorn is so amazing and why you should believe us, we’re going to get this out of the way:

YOLO! has no idea that we are writing this article. This is not a paid advertisement. In fact, we pay them for the popcorn.[1]

OK, here’s what makes this popcorn so amazing:
  • We can pick it up from the Popcorn Factory right here in Vermont.
  • It has a nearly 100% pop rate. Seriously. It’s crazy.
  • It has to be the lightest, fluffiest popcorn any of us has ever eaten.
  • When people say, “Oh man, this is great popcorn. I wish I could buy some!” We say, “You can, but not from us.” You can buy their kernels from several bulk stores around the state, and their flavored popcorn at all of THESE places.

And here’s why we’re qualified to speak on this subject:

  • Every staff members consumes approximately three popped pounds of popcorn every day.
  • We tried five different popcorns before coming to this wonder stuff.
  • Ricky the Meadmaker claims to have been there when the Wampanoag discovered a great way to grow popcorn when they, in fact, meant to grow alewife bushes. [3]

So there you have it! Not only do we get to work with a local company, what we get is the best. It is, in fact, “A Freakin’ Game Changer.”

[1] Does that, then, make this a “spent advertisement?” [2]
[2] No. It does not. That’s not a thing.

[3] We really can’t tell with him, sometimes.

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