Women Business Owners’ Conference

Women Business Owners Network

While many of you know that we’re one of the few woman-owned breweries around, did you know that helping to develop more opportunities for women to own and operate businesses is part of our social mission?

That’s right! Not only do we actively support women in brewing through our internship program, but Kelly the Boss is actually the Vice President of the Vermont Women Business Owners Network.

A lot of people mistakenly believe that Ricky the Meadmaker runs Groennfell Meadery. In fact, this couldn’t be farther from the truth: Groennfell Meadery has to employee numerous individuals just to keep Ricky from destroying our company.

The real woman behind the curtain is Kelly Klein, better known as Kelly the Boss. She does all the things the CEO of a brewing-operation should do and, yes, she could absolutely brew for the company as well (she did for two years), she’s just too important for that these days.

Better yet, you could join her at this year’s WBON Spring Conference!

Some day soon we’ll write a whole article about why it’s so important for us to support women-owned businesses and, in our view, especially women-owned breweries. Today, however, we really just wanted to extend a special invitation to all the women out there who already own their own businesses or are thinking about taking the big plunge.

This year’s conference is Thriving through Change and has a great slate of speakers such as former governor of Vermont Madeleine Kunin, author and speaker Laurie-Ann Murabito, and Annette Rexroad of the wildly successful company Road Crew Crunch.

The conference is open to all women, regardless of current occupation or employment, and it’s going to be held in Burlington on Wednesday, April 19th. So go on over to register, and make sure to say hi to Kelly when you see her!

For a quick run-down on what Kelly does for the company, you can check out The Boss’s Big Day on Ask the Meadmaker.

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