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Groennfell info page by our customer, Emily Stefl!

Groennfell Meadery

What is Groennfell Meadery?

Groenfell Meadery is a woman-owned and woman-operated meadery located in St. Albans, Vermont.
Groennfell brews craft mead: carbonated, low abv, with a dry finish.

Groennfell Logo

Phone: (802)497-2345
Address: 650 Industrial Park Rd, St Albans City, VT 05478

Owner: Kelly Klein
Head Meadmaker: Ricky the Meadmaker
Senior Brewer: Nate Palm

Find out more here: About Groennfell Meadery

Types of Mead

Groennfell has two mead brands: Groennfell mead and Havoc mead.
Each mead has their own unique flavor!

Groennfell & Havoc Mead

                 Groennfell Mead Selections:

Valkyrie's Choice Original Craft Mead
Old Wayfarer Oaked Amber Mead
Nordic Farmhouse Saison-Style Mead with Cranberries

Havoc Mead Selections:

Psychopomp Sour Cherry Mead
Root of All Evil Ginger Mead
Hop Swarm Dry-Hopped Mead

Seasonal Mead Selections:                       

Fire On Snow Smokey Maple Cinnamon Mead
Buckland Mead Craft Mead with Green Tea & Lemon
Autumn Spice Craft Mead brewed with taditional
Harvest Spices and Chamomile Tea

Check out their mead here: Mead

Drink Your Values

Groennfell Meadery has a "Drink Your Values" campaign.
They believe that consumers have a right to know what Groennfell is doing, as well as areas to improve.
Drink Your Values is their way of being transparent with their customers and business partners.

The Groennfell Team
The Groenfell team, cheers!

Drink Your Values:

  1. Responsibility
  2. Sustainability
  3. Community

You can find out more here: Drink Your Values