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At Havoc Meadery, anything goes! We love to experiment with bold flavors, resulting in modern, American style meads that are balanced, interesting, and at 6.9 ABV, extremely crushable.

What's available in our Havoc Mead Brand Variety Case may vary by season and availability.

Currently included in pack:

Hop Swarm by Havoc (x2)

Hop Swarm combines wildflower honey and seven different hops for a balanced, perfectly crushable beverage. Because the hops in this mead are never boiled, Hop Swarm has a complex, floral taste with almost no bitterness.

Love IPAs? Try it. Hate IPAs? Definitely try it.

Psychopomp by Havoc (x2)

Psychopomp is a Beligian-style mead, brewed with European cherries at high temperatures to create a fruity, tart, full-bodied mead.

Psychopomp is named after the beings that bring those from the land of the living to the land of the dead, and it's extremely popular in both realms.

Root of All Evil by Havoc (x2)

Root of All Evil is spicy and dry, crisp and clean, warming and refreshing all at once.

If you've been looking for a ginger beverage with spice, not sugar, we have the mead for you!


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