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Wild Hunt Mead by Groennfell - Meadiac Exclusive Restock

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Restock notes: 

We were reserving these as backup, and have decided to re-release them to our treasured Meadiac group.

It's only available by the 4-pack, and in the Meadiac exclusive build your own cases (link here:

We hope you enjoy! -Jess


As the thundering of the wild hunt approaches, mortals make their peace. And as the hooves recede into the distance for another year, the silence brings a time to appreciate the bounty of the harvest.

Wild Hunt is a balanced blend of honey, cranberry, blood orange, and spice brewed in honor of the ceremonial meads of 18th century Northern Europe.

This is Groennfell's fall seasonal - once it's gone, it's gone (until next year's Hunt!)

We are not able to ship alcohol to the following states at this time: AL, DE, HI, ME, MS, NJ, RI, UT

Our mead is available in stores and bars in: CT, ME, MA, MD, Eastern PA, RI, & VT. Check out our Mead Finder Map to see where we are available in stores and bars. If you'd like our mead in your state, please contact us.

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Can art by Autumn Dufresne. Thank you, meadiac community for your support and photos of your mead!