Build-Your-Own Feast!

The Feast - Groennfell Meadery

Thank you to everyone who came out to Feast Weekend! We had an amazing time! 

Because everyone seemed to enjoy it so much, we’ve decided that we’re going to have the Build-Your-Own Feast menu every single Saturday from now on! This is in addition to the normal menu at Colchester’s Mead Hall!

For those of you who couldn’t join us last weekend, here’s how it works:
1. Every weekend we’ll have five main courses to choose between. Some will be the same every week (cheese board, herring platter, bratwurst), and the others will rotate by the season. One will always be a local vegetable and the other will be a historical Viking dish. Each main course is meant to be shared between a few people.
2. We’ll also have side dishes which complement the main courses including our famous house-made sourdough black bread and gluten-free options.
3. You pick a few main courses and a few side dishes, and we take it from there.

Not only is it extremely easy, it’s also extremely affordable. Each main course costs $12, and each side dish is $4. How (and why) is it so affordable? Read about our Food Mission.

Want to find out more about the foods we offer? Check out Colchester’s Mead Hall’s Food Partners.
Want to hear what people are saying about eating our Viking Feast? Check out the Seven Days Article!

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